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Aladdin’s Mujadara Plate Recipe (Healthy Version)

May 30, 2012


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  For dinner tonight, after teaching spinning, taking Anna to music class, attending a wake, personal training, and making dinner for neighbors, I was craving Aladdin’s Mujadara Plate.   The description: A bed of steamed lentils and rice topped with Lebanese Salata, and garnished with toasted onions.   The damage: According to a few websites […]

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Garam Masala Lentils and Sweet Potatoes

January 26, 2012


There was a reason I didn’t post any recipes this week – and it’s already Thursday. Part of the reason was because I have lost my camera cord. Again. And the other part of the reason and that I was busy with this girl. And cooking. And teaching classes. And everything else. I did find […]

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Stuffed Peppers

December 20, 2011


How’s your week before Christmas going? Ours started this morning with my interval class. Then to have lunch with Addie + Emmie before coming home to cook all afternoon. Soon it was time to head to class #2 – spinning. I dropped Anna off at Brady’s Grandmas while I went to teach and he picked […]

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Lentil Veggie Soup

December 8, 2011


The days have gotten colder and the desire for hot, chunky soup has gotten stronger. Yesterday, after a week of freezing rain, was the lucky day. I chopped and chopped until I had a huge pot of fresh veggies, then I added some veggie broth (low sodium) and a few spices. After simmering on the […]

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Nueva Cocina Latin Lentil Soup

November 30, 2011


Who doesn’t love a big bowl of lentil soup on a cold, snowy night? I think lentil soup may be my favorite soup of all time. It’s hearty, usually packed with veggies and always has good flavor paired with it, plus I love how lentils simmer down until a soft yet chewy mush. So when […]

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Red Coconut Curry with Spicy Peanut Sauce

November 29, 2011


I found the camera cord – well, I found another cord that I didn’t realize worked with my camera, so we are back in business! Here are a few fun pictures from Thanksgiving at my grandmas’s house! Anna wanting to help Papa with the turkey. Corey taking Anna for a ride in the purse. Her […]

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