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How to Make a Letter Cake

April 30, 2013

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Kids birthday parties are so much fun to plan and throw because the possibilities are endless!   For Anna’s 3rd birthday party, I made her cake in the shape of a giant “A”.  It was a fun way to add some personality to her party and make it feel extra special to her.   Here […]

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How to make a healthy dinner on vacation

April 4, 2013


Part of the fun of vacation is eating at different restaurants and trying new places.  We had some delicious dinners in Cancun at some of our favorite restaurants.  Specifically, Puerto Madero and Hacienda Sisal are two we love to visit every year. Sometimes though, it’s easier to skip getting dressed up and taking your 2 […]

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Healthy Holiday Tips

July 3, 2012


Most holidays are centered around get-togethers with family and friends. Most of which in our house, involve lots of eating of delicious foods and drinking delicious drinks! Even though our dishes are usually healthy and always fresh and seasonal, it’s easy to overdo it. Anna’s 1st 4th of July (2010) 2 mo Anna’s 2nd 4th […]

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How To Make Ribs

February 23, 2012


Brady’s birthday was a success. He got to eat breakfast with Anna, my mom brought him Chipotle for lunch, his dinner was a giant slab of ribs and then he played poker with the guys. It took a while for Anna to understand and succumb to the fact that it was not her birthday, and […]

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Lower Sugar Homemade Strawberry Jam

April 9, 2010


When my mom was here on Wednesday we made two batches of strawberry jam.  Homemade strawberry jam is one of our family’s favorite foods.  We go through tons of it, especially on weekends we get together.  So in preparation for Baby H’s arrival and a stream of visitors, we had to stock up. Step 1:  […]

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