Vemma Review

April 15, 2014


I was recently given the chance to try and review a new antioxidant drink called Vemma.   Vemma is a great tasting supplement drink that contains antioxidants and 12 full-spectrum vitamins, easily empowering anyone to consume all the necessary daily nutritional ingredients, no matter how hectic their day. One two-ounce bottle of Vemma is equivalent to a grocery cart-full of fresh produce: 3 broccoli stalks (a good source of iron), 2 watermelons (Vitamin B6), 9 avocados (Vitamin E), 5 potatoes (Niacin) and many more.



The taste was great!  It had a sweet but not sugary taste that was very enjoyable.  Vemma is packaged in a few different ways – from large 32 oz. bottle to 2oz. bottles.  


Check out their website for more details. 

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