the Best Roasted Squash Chips with Pampered Chef Simple Slicer

October 9, 2013


It’s fall, so naturally we are eating our way through 50lbs. of butternut squash that we get at a local Chautauqua farm.  It may seem like a lot of squash, and that is because it is.  But when you go through one a night, it flies by.  Especially now that we have mastered the art of making squash chips.  


Squash chips have turned Brady into a “squash lover”.  It all started when I opened up my Pampered Chef Simple Slicer that I usually kept hidden in the back of my closet becauseI thought it would make apple chips easier to cut, and I was right.

It has three settings and cuts things so easily.  It’s not much different than a mandolin but it doesn’t have all of the fancy parts, making it more likely to be used. The finger protector is easy to use and very necessary, as the blade could easily slice a finger in two.  


I love the way it cuts the squash into uniform pieces because they bake so much better than when I use a knife and have 395739 different thicknesses.  The squash chips below were made with a 2 because I like them to have a little softness to them but Brady prefers when I use a 1 because they all crunch up! 


To make them, simply slice and bake.  I usually spray the squash with a little olive oil and a seasoning I am in the mood for.  I bake them at 425* for 10-12 minutes or until they reach the desired softness/blackness.  Like I said, I like mine to be softer but Brady prefers they crunch so we compromise. 🙂 

For an easy and pretty vegetable dish to serve friends or family, add squash chips to a platter of roasted veggies! 





*Pampered Chef did not sponsor this post but I am a PC consultant if you are interested in a simple slicer. 🙂

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