Biggest Loser Star, Francy Opens Up

September 17, 2013


 Here is an exciting interview with Francy from the Biggest Loser.  Francy opens up about her drive to change and “fight” for herself.  I love her comment: 
You cannot just have a plan. You have to feel zeal too! Become passionate about this plan and this is the only way you will see the finish line. 


1.  What has been the hardest thing about leaving the ranch and getting back into the real world? How have you overcome these challenges? 

WOW! What an awesome question. I love it because this is probably the most important question any one can ask! You lose the weight but can you keep it off? This is exactly the challenge you face when you enter the “real world” and leave the protection of the ranch. Life happens!  I think I have been very successful for two very important reasons. First, I started before even getting on the ranch so a lot of my weight loss was slow and steady and over time. Second, I have an amazing boyfriend who is doing this journey with me every day. We are accountability partners and we keep each other motivated and focused. Of course, it is a roller-coaster ride and there are ups and downs but I am very focused on my ups and that’s what keeps me making the right choices that are in the best interest of my health! Stay positive, stay focused!

2. What is the biggest difference you notice in your new life now, that was not this way when you were at your heaviest?

The biggest difference is my will power. My demons have not disappeared. I am just more prepared and have the tools to deal with them. For example, in the past, when I was stressed out about anything I would binge. Now I turn to the gym or do something productive. Additionally, I no longer reward or celebrate with food. I buy myself a new outfit or treat myself to a pedicure. It’s the small decisions that make such a huge difference in long term success. It’s the way I think, relate, and treat food that has changed the most!

3.  What is the best piece of advice you were given during this difficult but rewarding journey?

  To fight. Dolvett told me on the ranch to keep fighting for my life. I haven’t been able to ever forget his message. Everyday I fight one more battle for myself. Whether its choosing the right meal, skipping desert, or choosing to go to the gym. This is how I fight on a daily basis for this new life I am creating for myself. Always pick what will make you happy long-term!

4.  What is your favorite weeknight meal to make that helps you achieve your goals?

 I am completely obsessed with eggplant! I kid you not, every other week I am obsessed with a vegetable dish! Egg plant, fat free cottage cheese, and low sodium marinara!

5. What is your favorite workout style or piece of equipment? 

I love running! I love how personal it is and how much time you spend talking yourself through the miles. I always run with my BodyMedia armband. It is essential to my training. I am able to track my progress, how hard I am working, and where I can tweak! It keeps me challenging myself. I just recently finished my first 15k with Biggest Loser RunWalk and my first half marathon with Rock and Roll Race Series. What a burn! 

 6. Can you give us an idea of your weekly workout routine?

Crossfit Mokena and Flywheel sports are the main ways I get my burn in! I also run every other day!

7.  What would you tell someone who is going to start this journey for themselves?  

You cannot just have a plan. You have to feel zeal too! Become passionate about this plan and this is the only way you will see the finish line. I am not there yet but I am closer. I remember at varying points in my life where I had the plan but not the passion or vice versa. Today, I have both thanks to The Biggest Loser. I am on my way to the best version of me Never Ever thought I would be doing that! Stay focused, have a plan, and become passionate about YOU!

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