Working out after having a baby.

August 20, 2013


Where to start. 

When to start.

How to start.  

All good questions when thinking about getting starting to workout after having a baby.  And the ultimate answer:

It’s up to you and your doctor and everyone is different.

That being said, if you were very active before having your baby, you will probably get the itch to start being active long before your 6-week post-birth check up.  For me, this itch started at beginning of three weeks.  By now, I feel more like myself and things have stopped hurting.  🙂

The week Baby Kate was born:

IMG 2998


Tips to Keep in Mind

Start slow

Walking is one of best exercises to start with when getting back into fitness post-baby.  It’s not hard on your body and you can bring the baby with you.  As you get stronger your can increase the lengths of your walks as well as your speed.  For strength, start with push-ups on your knees and light hand weights and slowly increase weight and duration. 

Be Patient

Don’t expect to get right back to wear you left off or where you wish to be (another hard concept!).  When you are frustrated, take a look at your little baby and remember that you just created a little human being.   

Be Flexible

Pick a time to get your workout in, and then try to make it happen.  If something comes up, have a back-up plan.  For example, if you were going to try to make it to a class and your baby’s schedule didn’t cooperate, plan a workout DVD or a Pinterest workout for back-up.

Go Easy on Yourself

Don’t be hard on yourself.  You have just done something amazing.  (I have to remind myself of this often, as well.)

Drink lots of water

Especially if you are breastfeeding.  It’s important to stay hydrated so you keep producing milk and feel your best. 

Don’t overdo

Take it easy.  You have someone else who is totally depending on your for everything in their life and you are probably running on very little sleep.  Make sure your workouts give you energy and help you mentally, not exhaust.  

“Relax, Mom!  I am only 3 weeks old!”



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