How to Make a Letter Cake

April 30, 2013


Kids birthday parties are so much fun to plan and throw because the possibilities are endless!  


For Anna’s 3rd birthday party, I made her cake in the shape of a giant “A”.  It was a fun way to add some personality to her party and make it feel extra special to her.  

Here is a simple way to make a cake in any letter or another shape. 

1. Find the platter you want to serve the cake on.  Make sure to think about how big you will want the final product and pick an appropriate platter.  For Anna’s cake, I used a giant glass circle.  It was over 24 in. in diameter and was perfect for a cake this size.  

2.  Once you have the platter, cut out a paper shape of the cake design you want.  Then, cut the pieces of your design into segments that can be made with a 9×13 of cake. 

IMG 2486

3.  Once your cake is baked – and I highly suggest this recipe – let it cool completely.  Then cut the pieces into the segments you planned out and lay them in their places on the platter.  For my A cake, it was easy because I just put my pattern under the glass and it was easy to make sure the pieces of cake were in the right spot. 

IMG 2488

4.  Then frost the bottom layer and layer another cake on top.  Frost both layers with a thin white layer of frosting to seal the crumbs in.  When the crumb layer is cooled and slightly hardened, frost and decorate the cake as you wish!

IMG 2489



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  1. Amanda Says:

    love this cake! was hoping you would do a tutorial 🙂 pinning so i can try this out for next years bday!

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