Quick Tabata Workout

February 22, 2013


Everybody’s working out for the weekend…

Well, maybe not.  Maybe you are already in the middle of your busy Friday and just need to get a hard and fast workout in the books.  If I didn’t have to teach class this morning, I would be doing this workout and calling it a day.

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Quick Tabata Workout: Superset

20 seconds of ultra-intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated continuously for 4 minutes (8 cycles).  Do 4 sets for a total of 16 minutes of intense work.

5-10 lb. weights 

  • Squats holding weights
  • Lunges holding weights
  • Push-up with leg lift
  • Reverse fly 
  • Bicep curl with high knees
  • Tricep kickback with rear leg-lift
  • Burpees
  • Jumping Jacks
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  1. janetha Says:

    Looks awesome! I love tabatas!

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