Workout Wednesday

October 17, 2012


I’m off to teach my two classes this morning and then celebrate my birthday today, so give this workout from Mark from LiveStrong!

Nowadays most everybody wants 6-pack abs, but many individuals don’t fully understand how to properly go about building a chiseled core. If you’re like most Americans, you likely watched the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. If so, you probably noticed 99% of the male swimmers were flaunting pretty shredded midsections. Yes, they work their core consistently, but I’m willing to bet most of this definition results from intense aerobic training. Let me state the obvious: the lower your body fat percentage, the more defined you’ll appear. However, it’s important to appropriately achieve lower body fat by eating healthy, maintaining muscle strength, and training aerobically.

But I’ve talked enough; let’s get to the good stuff… What you’ll need: elliptical machine / treadmill / recumbent bike /other stationary cardio machine, an area where you can lay on the ground, your person, and a positive attitude

** I recommend stretching for 15 minutes prior to starting the workout

** Gradually increase resistance / intensity over time if you repeat this workout

** This workout is meant to be constant without breaks but take them if you need them – push yourself!

Warm-Up (get the heart primed and the blood flowing)

• 10 minutes @ light intensity on preferred machine

Core Set #1 (stay rigid with a PLANK hold)

• Hold plank as long as possible

• For added challenge, lift opposite leg and arm

• Guide

  • 1 minute or less: keep practicing
  • 2 minutes: not too shabby
  • 3 minutes: pretty solid
  • 5 minutes: you’re tough
  • 6+ minutes: you’re an animal

Machine Set #2

• 10 minutes @ moderate intensity

• Target Heart Rate Goal: 115 – 150 Beats / Minute

o The older you are the lower your number will be

o Check at the 3, 6, and 10 minute markers

Core Set #2 (biking on your back with BICYCLES)

• Continuous maximum set (as many as you can)

• Guide

  • 20 Reps: keep practicing
  • 40 Reps: not too shabby
  • 80 Reps: pretty solid
  • 120 Reps: you’re tough
  • 200+ Reps: you’re an animal

Machine Set #3

• 10 minutes @ vigorous intensity

• Target Heart Rate Goal: 130 – 170+ Beats / Minute

o The older you are the lower your number will be

o Check at the 3, 6, and 10 minute markers

Core Set #3 (make it count)

• Russian Twists – Maximum

• Plank Hold – Maximum


• 10 minutes on machine



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