Pizza on the Grill

July 17, 2012


One of our favorite summer meals is pizza on the grill. I mean, who doesn’t like pizza, and when you put it on the grill and it gets those char marks? Delicious.

So at our house, there are many many things that I am more particular about than Brady, but when it comes to some things – he is more particular (or patient) than me. One of those things is cutting up food. Brady will gladly spend an extra 5 minutes cutting something up into tiny pieces, for example, veggies for a salad or toppings for pizza. I will spend 2 seconds flat getting the job done while Brady cuts things to perfectly uniform tiny bites.

Back to the pizza.

We decided to make two pizzas so we could have leftovers. Brady used the pizza pan on the grill (a great idea) and I used the grill grates (also a good idea with patience). Here the steps to success.:

1. Get multigrain pizza dough or make your favorite dough recipe. Break the dough in 1/2 or thirds to make it more manageable (smaller than mine).


2. Spray the dough with cooking spray and lay it flat on a med-low grill.


3. Allow the dough to cook, brown and bubble on the grill but watch to make sure it doesn’t burn – it burns quick. When the bottom is cooked to your liking, spray the top layer and flip the pizza dough over. This is where it’s key to have smaller pieces of dough because flipping this large piece will result in….


This mess.

Here is where you can learn from my mistake. If the pizza dough were smaller (like I usually do) it would have been great. Brady had much less trouble with his because he had the support of the pizza pan.


4. While your pizza cooks, give your sous chef a pepper to eat while she waits.


5. Top the already cooked side of the pizza (after you have flipped it) and let the bottom brown again before digging in.

I was not disappointed at all with my dinner, it tasted amazing. But I would not have been able to confidently serve it to company.


Brady’s pizza, however, would have been a perfect meal to serve to company for a fun summer dinner!

He topped his with bbq sauce, rotisserie chicken, avocado, black olives and peppers.


My pizza, I mean grilled bread mess, was covered with spicy red pepper sauce and grilled zucchini, yellow squash and onions.


We need to redo this dinner, ASAP.

Try it.

Follow Brady’s lead.


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