OXO Good Grips Storage Container Giveaway!

May 1, 2012


After meeting a representative from OXO at the Foodbuzz Conference in November (and winning their trivia contest) I was excited to become of their blogger outreach program.

I was excited when a large package arrived on my doorstep with two sets of Good Grips LockTop Containers. The containers are light weight but feel very sturdy. They are made of a BPA Free plastic and offer a tight seal. Their mini set would be perfect for taking dressings, yogurt or a scoop of protein powder out for the day.


The large container has made an ideal storage place from fresh spinach banana bread and leftover quinoa salad.



I am so excited to share a set with you! Please let me know what you need new storage containers for. Are you packing a salad for work or do you need a new container for your leftovers?

Giveaway ends Monday!

20 Responses to “OXO Good Grips Storage Container Giveaway!”

  1. Amy Says:

    These look like they’d be great for my 3-year-old’s lunch and snacks!

  2. Steph Says:

    We’re constantly losing our to go containers … Either taking leftovers to work, or taking food to our grandparents. I’ve managed to keep track of all my pampered chef bowls thus far though!

  3. Becca Says:

    I definitely need new containers to pack lunches in – just started substitute teaching!

  4. Katie Says:

    I pack my lunch for work every day, so these containers would definitely not go to waste!

  5. Kim Says:

    I’ve been bad recently about going out to ear for lunch–so I’m trying to be better (and healthier) with my lunch options–do good containers are a must to make sure there are so oopsies with food falling out or spilling.

  6. Lindsey Says:

    Taking lunch to work! I always run out by the end of the week.

  7. keilah Says:

    I need those mini ones for taking salad dressing to work! All of the lids to my current ones have gone mysteriously missing, lol

  8. Says:

    I use the small ones for the kids snacks. I hate how plastic bags crush food and are bad for the environment.

  9. cindy Says:

    I pack everyday and forever am loosing lids. 🙂

  10. Elizabeth Says:

    Dressing always sneaks out of my containers. These would be great 🙂

  11. manda Says:

    I would use them for broths!

  12. Katya Says:

    Lunches, leftover, storage, giveaways–everything!

  13. Jane Says:

    I’m a teacher and pack my lunch everyday. I also pack my son and daughter’s lunch for the day as well. I could use more containers!

  14. manda Says:

    I would use the storage for leftovers. I keep running out of containers!

  15. Kathy Schoenherr Says:

    I’m looking for more modern containers. Mine still work well but have a vintage look to them!

  16. lizzy Says:

    I would love to have these for our leftovers!

  17. Amy Seiger Says:

    I grow my own veggies and these would be great for storing them in pre set servings!!

  18. Cheryl Free Says:

    I need new storage containers for leftovers and lunches 🙂 *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  19. Amy Says:

    I would store quinoa salad in the large container and dressings or parfaits in the smaller containers. Either way, I think these would look excellent in my kitchen ;).

  20. Amanda Says:

    These would be perfect for taking lunches to work 🙂

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