Fish Themed Birthday Party for Anna!

April 16, 2012

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Birthday parties are so much fun! Good food, good friends and good cake. Luckily, we had all of those things on Saturday when we had a little get-together for Anna’s 2nd birthday.

When deciding if I would have a theme or not, I went back and forth. I figured she would want an Elmo party since her love for Elmo is intense, but she didn’t. I threw out a few other ideas: flowers, turtles, etc. but nothing sounded good to her, until I mentioned fish.

Yes. That was it.

“I want a fishy cake for my birfday party” was all we heard for about 10 days.

So that was the reason for the 2 lbs. of orange icing.

That was the reason for the case of orange goldfish crackers from Target.

That was the reason for 16 votives filled with blue water.

And that was the reason for the Friday night trip to Petsmart for exaclty $0.26 worth of goldfish. (that would be 2 fish).

The goldfish theme turned out to be super easy and fun. In fact, I highly recommend it to anyone throwing a toddler b-day party…ever.
I didn’t decorate much around my house. I even forgot to hang Anna’s birthday banner that I worked on for 39586 hours last year. Bummer.
We put up some fresh flowers in a vase filled with navy beans and split peas.

And used our new pets as a centerpiece in the kitchen.
The centerpiece in the dining room was the cake and cupcakes swimming on votives of blue water.
For appetizers we had:
hummus + veggies

fish on a boat: celery filled with peanut butter + greek yogurt
corn + bean salsa with fresh lime and cilantro

chicken salad cucumber bites
The main meal was:
Pulled Pork in Slider Buns
Homemade + Lowfat Coleslaw
Dolphin PB + J sandwiches on wheat
Fresh Fruit
Lemon + Feta Quinoa

Ceasar Salad + Lowfat Homemade Mac + Cheese. I can’t find the pictures of them.
For dessert, we had buttercream white cake and cupcakes I had made and frosted.
The weather was cold and drizzly so we staying inside instead of being out, like we had hoped.
It was so much fun!
Anna was a little territorial of her new rocking horse that Uncle Carl made her.

And a little shy when everyone sang to her.
The shyness didn’t last long…

And after things were nice and covered the orange and blue frosting, we set the camera down and didn’t pick it up again.
You can imagine how it ended. With happy kids in sugar comas, peacefully dreaming of bubbles, frosting and fish.
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7 Responses to “Fish Themed Birthday Party for Anna!”

  1. janetha Says:

    Ah! too, too cute! Good work!

  2. Jill Says:

    Looks like it was a fun party. Happy Birthday Anna!

  3. Sarah Says:

    Amazing! You should throw kids’ parties professionally. I’d hire you!

  4. TheHealthyHostess Says:

    Thanks girl! Just a few thousand miles too far….

  5. TheHealthyHostess Says:

    Thanks!! It’s so fun to do! Especially since she gets so excited about it now!

  6. Kevin Says:

    Wish we could have been there to party! Looked like a great one.

  7. Lindsey Hogan Says:

    Al… so cute!!! I love the blue votives of blue water. You think of every detail. Miss you guys and can’t wait to see you soon!

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