Dinner Party & National Geographic Slideshow

August 17, 2011


This morning started like most mornings do, with an 8:30 spinning class I taught at Chagrin Valley Fitness. It was a great way to get energized for the day, especially after not teaching classes all of last week and the beginning of this week. I felt so much better afterwards.

Then I did a few things at my house before heading to the pool with Anna to meet up with my gf’s Erika and Jackie and her man, Burak. We had a great time playing with Anna in the water and catching up on life.

After showers and a nap for Anna, we met up again to go to Kara’s for dinner. Jackie and Burak are in town visiting from France, where they live outside of Paris.

Our dinner party started with a giant bowl of Erika’s salsa. It was amazing. Guess who loved it, too?


I will get the exact recipe from her but it included:

  • black beans
  • corn
  • tomatoes
  • red onion
  • fresh cilantro
  • avocado

IIt was a party in your mouth!


Jackie brought a great salad that had spinach, romaine, mandarin oranges, almonds, walnuts, and peach in it.


And Kara and Adam made chicken kebabs with tons of grilled veggies.



And a delicious onion, parmesan risotto.



I brought a chocolate frozen yogurt/cheesecake that I whipped up after going to the pool and before showering and tubing Anna. It was simple but tasted cold and good with my glass of Pinot.

After dinner and dessert, we had a slideshow of pictures from Jackie/Buraks life in Europe. They showed us the weddings they went to in Turkey, the trip they took to Sweden, the stop to visit friends in Germany, the work they did in Spain and tons of other pictures of their life and travels around Europe. It was amazing!

Then it was Erika’s turn. She showed us tons of photos from her last three months in Africa. Her vacation on the Indian ocean, her work in Nairobi, her trips to see friends in Moshi, view of Mt. Kilamanjaro, and her unbelievable safaris. It was unreal.

Kara and I recently moved back to the Chagrin area and were quite envious of their journeys around the world. They make it seem so small!


Regular blogging will continue as of tomorrow!

So will the final wedding pictures. 🙂

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