A perfect omelette

December 9, 2009


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Yesterday I made the perfect omelette. It was restaurant quality. Here is the super simple recipe:

  • 3 egg whites
  • handful of spinach
  • sliced tomato
  • a tablespoon or 2 of feta
  1. Spray a frying pan with non stick spray.
  2. Crack the egg whites into the pan so they cover the bottom of a large pan.
  3. Let the egg whites cook and crackle until they are almost cooked through, add salt and pepper before the egg is all the way cooked.
  4. Once the egg white is just about cooked, flip it like a pancake so the other side can be sure to get cooked it there were any raw parts left.
  5. Place the spinach, feta and tomatoes on one side of the flat egg white and fold in half.
  6. Serve with whole wheat toast or on it’s own! Sometimes I add salsa to this and it’s delicious!


Yesterday included a trip to spinning at 6am, school, and a staff meeting after school. I then came home and whipped up a simple dinner of broccoli, mushrooms, baked tofu and whole wheat cous cous. Then Brady and I did laundry and stuff while watching the Biggest Loser Finale and Jersey Shore.

Has anyone seen Jersey Shore? A lot of people at his office and on the radio were talking about it so we had to see what we were missing out on. Talk about crazy!

🙂 I just missed my morning trip to the gym because it’s rainy/snowy and freezing so I am hoping to force myself to go after school. We’ll see.

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