Bridal Party Prep + Thanks Mom!

June 6, 2009


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My mom came down after school got out on Wed. and we had the best time fixing up my house. She has a gift where she just walks in here and starts rearranging things to make it look 1000 times better! She very creative and has an eye for decorating so I just let her go for it! Beyond the rearranging, she has a vision of how things should look and she makes them happen. This particular time, all she needed was a few yards of fabric (on sale!) from Hobby Lobby and some scissors!




Before: a cream colored- dirty spotted, plain seat cover. No pic, sorry it wasn’t pretty.



Then she rearranged things:

Moved the picture from the kitchen to here.


Added a pink candle to tie the pink from the party into the house.

Fresh pink peonies from her garden that she stuck in my red wine carafe- how cute, right!

Plus she made a tablecloth with the fabric from the chairs!! Talk about talent – :)!


We tied all of the silverware a few days ago so it would be ready and we could just set it on the table.


To better prepare for parties, my mom always sets out the dishes she is going to use on the table with a post-it note to make what food is going on each dish. Then you can see spacing of dishes and what you need to change before you put the food on the dish. I highly recommend this trick!


Cut up all of the fruit the night before the party and put it into containers. This is a MESSY job and shouldn’t be done right before you have guests over because there is always lots of juice and rinds that need to be taken care of.


We power washed the deck to get it ready for summer. This makes a huge difference! It is in need of a coat of paint, but we didn’t have time for that!


Doing all of these things ahead of time will make the morning of the party fun and easy!

I’m off to go for a run before the wedding !

I’ll be back with the table and food!


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  1. Quinn Says:

    I do the SAME thing with the post-its on platters. It makes it so much easier! LOVE all the pink and green’s! It looks like it was a great party!

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